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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  August 25, 2009 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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that is your last call. thank you for being with us tonight. do not forget to go to our web site. bill o'reilly is next. tonight from washington . . [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute glenn: call your friends right now and tell them to turn the fox news channel on right now. this week, i'm doing a series, a special series of shows that will all end on friday when i will give you a specific plan of action. many people are going to try to make this about anything, but what this show is truly all about, from a line that i read a long time ago by thomas jefferson. he wrote that party carr, his nephew, he said "question with boldness." i don't know how many answers i'm going to be able to give you this week, but i will flood, as george washington
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called it, the battlefields of ideas with questions. i want you to go and get a note pad. i want you to take some notes this week. do your own homework, because it's not my america we're talking about. it's all of our america. it's your america. it's your children's america, and questioning your government is not only important, but in a democratic republic, it is required! so, if you're like me, and you see people on television, and they tell you the things that are happening, and it doesn't make sense, this week, sit down, grab a note pad and a pencil and come on! follow me. hello, america. this week, i am doing a special series of shows. we have called it a new republic, america's future, but for those of you who
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didn't have a problem with the old republic, i think this special is more aptly titled "reasonable questions for an unreasonable time." by the end of this week, i hope you will have a clearer understanding of what might be happening in washington. i don't know what's happening in washington, because nobody's asking questions and certainly nobody is giving you any straight eangses. you will have a better idea of what to do about it as well, but more importantly, you will begin to see that this is not about barack obama. it is much bigger than barack obama. many people will ask you, well, if these things are voe true, why is it that only glenn beck is saying them? believe me, i have asked myself that question many, many nights, usually about 2:00 a.m. when i couldn't sleep. why is no one else asking these questions? it could be, and i'm hoping this is the answer, that i'm wrong. believe it or not, it is one
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of the greatest desires that i have that i am wrong. you see, ask yourself this first question -- what do i have to gain if i'm right? if i am right, america transforms into a place where guys like me don't make any money. if i am wrong, well, then i would be wildly discredited, now, wouldn't i? what would be my motivation other than i believe these questions must be asked. this week, i'll be giving you some of my opinions and they are just that, my opinions, but that's what this show is, an opinion show. they are certainly shaped by facts and research. by the end of each show, you will most likely have more questions than answers, but that's where i find myself. during this week, we're going to be dealing with these things that i want to show them to you, because i want you to look at these, because on friday, you will understand why i selected these.
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we will talk about obama and the left and internationalists and the graphs and revoluntionaries, czars and hidden agendas, because my search for answers, i think, comes from the same place where your questions have come from. i am no different than you. i am just a regular schmo that finds myself on a set in new york. i mean, this is an unbelievable place i find myself in, but there are some things that i think republicans, democrats, liberals, and conservatives can agree on that don't make sense, but for some reason, it's too uncomfortable to verbalize those things. well, america is burning down to the ground, and if somebody doesn't ask these questions, well, we're all just going to watch it burn down together. you know and i know, i don't care what your ideology is, how does spending trillions of dollars fix the economy? the economy that's broken because we have spent too much money? can we possibly spend our way
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out of debt, or as george bush said -- >> i've abandoned free market principles to save the free market system. >> what? congress is voting on the massive 1,000-page bill. nobody is even reading them. then they mock us when we say could you please read the bill? >> i love these members that get up and say read the bill. what good is reading the bill if it's a thousand pages and you don't have two days and and two lawyers to find out what it means after you read the bill? glenn: i'm going to give you perspective on that, coming up in the next half hour. whenever obama has a gathering of supporters, it's grassroots, but when regular americans protest his policies, it's astroturf, artificial. am i hateful, america, to ask these questions? am i hateful for saying can we
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survive this crushing debt? if yes, give me specifics. how do we survive it? what's the are rush on healthcare and cap and trade? sure, the planet is going to burn to the ground, but can we at least read the bill? whose writing these bills? is it nancy pelosi? is it some organization? i'm going to give you the answer tonight. will washington read and understand the bills before they sign them? am i hateful to ask them that? am i hateful to ask why are they grassroots if you're for these things and you're astroturf or hateful if you are grens them? if you are against them? now let me you ask this question -- who are these czars? what do you know about these damn czars? where is the media on these czars? what power do these people have? are they even constitutional? who is paying for them? why is it necessary to completely overhaul healthcare
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nearly overnight, even though none of the changes would even go into effect until 2013. is that a reasonable question? what's so bad about our current system? yes, i do agree that there are some issues, sometimes big issues, things that we do need to fix, but is it so bad that we must fundamentally change our entire system overnight without even reading it? how can they pass a 1,500-page climate bill that would cause our electricity rates to skyrocket -- listen to the words. >> my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket. glenn: ok, excuse me. we're in a down economy and you want to do that? plus, there's plenty of evidence to doubt that there is even a problem, or at least a problem that we can do anything about. since the answers that washington is giving us just don't make any sense, i'm
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sorry, maybe it's just me, but i have to find something that does. america, the hour is growing late. i cannot help but express to you the time that is of the essence. that is my opinion. i think you feel it as well. tonight, our first in five series, i want to deal with just the economy. they've told us that we had to spend our way out of debt, and you know what? people used to say that, and it did make sense for a while. i mean, people say that and in a way they're absolutely right. i mean, you have debt, right? i have debt. we all do. we have debt with our considers cars with. we have debt with our homes, but at some point, you get to, no matter what kind of money you make, you could make millions of dollars and you could be bill gates and you get to a point where you cannot pay off your debt. it doesn't matter how much money you make. well, are we there? yet? let me ask you this -- i want
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to show you this clock. this is our u.s. national debt clock. this is phenomenal to me. this is our national debt. 38,000 per citizen. that isn't all of it. you've got another $23,000 down here. can you scroll up here, please? look at the bottom of the screen. there is the unfunded liabilities. look at this, keep coming up, keep coming up. here it is. unfunded. this is medicare, medicaid, all this stuff, unfunded liability, per citizen. $191,832. now, here is my number one question, and i'm going to give you a possible answer, but i want you to ask this question, first to yourself, and then you take it to washington -- is there any way to tax and spend out of these numbers? just the unfunded liability, $191,000 per citizen! the answer is no. that leads you to question
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number two -- why would anyone want to add more spending? if the answer is even close for you, remember, on friday, the president took our ten-year deficit, the deficit he will have created, the white house own estimate, he has taken that from $7 trillion to $9 trillion. now, $10 trillion is what the c.b.o. tried to tell us six months ago was reasonable and everyone badmouthed them -- the administration, no, no, that's unreasonable, why would we listen to those clowns? well, how can the administration be this wrong in six months and no one in the media is talking about it and nobody is holding this man's feet to the fire. how can they be this wrong in six months and then expect us to believe them on the rest of the spending? second question -- what would your motivation be to spend us into oblivion? do you have one? well, here is charles payne, from the fox business network. hey, charles, how are you? >> great.
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glenn: also from the c.e.o. of wall street strategies, let's go over this. in common sense, i have another number, because i have future liabilities of $99 trillion. >> right. glenn: this is a conservative estimate. >> that's very conservative right. there i mean, i have seen well over $100 trillion by many different organizations. glenn: so the conservative estimate is everybody, every citizen of the u.s. owes $191,832. >> and this number, as you can see from the clock, keeps moving at a rapid pace. >> how can we ever pay that off? >> you mentioned tax and spend, so that's sort of like being on a diet and having a salad and then having a bowl of ice cream. they can tax us to get the money, and, you know, i think it would have to go up to something like 80% tax rate, something like that, you know, but they can't keep spending, that's for sure. that's the one problem we know washington has always had. glenn: here is the liability
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per citizen, just for the u.s. unfunded liabilities that we already have. our private debt, per citizen, is about $23,000. >> about $100,000 per household. glenn: correct. our official unemployed is 14 million and the actual is 18 million unemployed. this number is phenomenal to me. u.s. government bailouts is now almost $12 trillion. that's money we didn't have. >> and key keep patting ourselves on the bat for that one. glenn: correct. loss of u.s. household wealth. what does that mean? >> just what we lost, what our homes are worth, what we had in the bank, everything. >> glenn: what is this staggering number? >> that is the credit derivatives that warren buffett has been warning about for a decade that is that toxic scary, off the balance number. >> glenn: 644 trillion? >> yes.
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that's what is out there. that is the toxics. glenn: we're crippling our economy with almost $12 trillion and there's $644 trillion out there. >> out there floating around. glenn: ok. can we go down here? we have the defense of the wars and interest ron debt, $316 trillion. >> i think that's a conservative number. glenn: i believe that number is the interest on the debt. it is a trillion dollars a year by 2018. >> and again, glenn, i think it will be a lot more than that and a lot sooner. glenn: medicare fraud, this is fraud, calendar year to date, medicare fraud, $38 trillion. u.s. budget deficit. i don't even know what number that is. what is that? >> there is a million, billion, trillion -- glenn: that's got to be inaccurate. >> spending debt per citizen. there is our u.s. national debt.
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glenn: why would you add more spending to this? >> at the end of the gay day, the goal of this administration is to make the government powerful, more powerful than anything else, to push out corporations, to push out the powerful corporations an even push out the power of the other branches of government to make our citizens solely dependent on the government. glenn: hang on, charles. you think you believe this is to push out the other branches of government as well? >> certainly there is no doubt. if you look at the czars. if you look at some of the other things being pushed through. i believe certainly we're going to diminish the powers of congress. it may be a moot point if a couple more supreme court justices could be appointed in the next couple of years but i know the executive branch is getting bigger and stronger and really more powerful. glenn: is there any way to pay off all of this debt? and what happens if the derivatives of the $644 trillion, let's just say, $20 trillion, is there any way?
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>> the derivative thing is a nightmare. it is like thinking of asteroids coming toward the planet and you just have to hope it doesn't hit. i don't know how we deal with that, but again, if somehow we were to turn this economy around, unleash the forces of free markets instead of the government competing, like the government getting into healthcare and other industries and if we diminish the power of corporate america and free markets, this is all but a disaster. glenn: i have to wrap this up quick. is there any reason you could think of that anyone would intentionally tube us? >> tube us, no, but i think this is a reason to make this keep going this way. first of all, as long as we're afraid, we're willing to let anything go through. that's what we have been seeing so far this year. glenn: thank you very much. back in a second. >> overwhelming the system, the message behind the controlled c c
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glenn: america, i ask you to call a friend rand watch the show. i ask you to watch the show with a pad and paper. i'm going to ask you uncomfortable he questions. you need to follow up on them. you need to ask those uncomfortable questions. today is day number one of a special series we're called "new republic." this is not a happy new republic. america is being transformed. if you're like me, my name is glenn and i was addicted to the old republic. before we're turning to france west at best, i'm asking reasonable questions, although people will say that they're hateful questions. i'm going to ask them and ask as many as possible, because
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nothing seems to make sense. quite frankly, we may end up with more questions than answers this week, but until we have clear answers on why massive bills are being shoved down the throats of american people without even being read, america, do not allow these people to move any piece of legislation. i don't believe in coincidence. when i see a huge bill after huge bill after huge bill, all hurried and given the same, emergency, must pass now label, my reaction is whoa, whoa, whoa, slow down. why the rush? clearly is this is a strategy and it is working. it is overwhelming the system. it is overwhelming washington. it is overwhelming the media and it is overwhelming you. it is an idea from the 1960's. there were radicals called cloward and piven. here it is in a nutshell. >> the cloward-piven strategy? in a nutshell. richard cloward and frances fox piven add sans their strategy to end poverty in a
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may 2, 1966 article in the nation. cloward-piven starts with the idea that there is a wide gap between the entitlements that poor people are elibigle for and the entitlements that they are actually collecting. they say getting everybody on to the welfare rolls will wipe out poverty, and the only way to accomplish that is through a massive multi-city education campaign making heavy use of the media. so once the poor know they eligible and start to sign up, what happens next? in their own words, quote, a crisis, end quote, a crisis that starts in the cities that would rapidly spread to a nationwide level and force the government to move quickly to create a new program for direct income distribution, marxism. wait a minute. community organizations overwhelming the system that would lead to a massive redistribution of wealth.
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gee, where have i heard that before? that's cloward-piven strategy, in a nutshell. i don't know if that's true. i don't know if that's what is happening, but it makes more sense than, oh, yeah, we can keep spending more money and not reading the bills. if you think all these unread thousand page bills are just part of a runaway out-of-control government, i don't think it is. i think it is meant to overwhelm the system. i mean, how can you fight a stimulus package when there is a giant healthcare bill along side cap and trade going full throttle at the same time? what happens when one or all of these massive bills pass? i showed you the debt clock a minute ago. we can't spend anymore. even barack obama admitted that much, yet here we are with trillion-plus dollar healthcare bills and more on the table. why? why, given the risk, do you keep pushing? according to the cloward-piven strategy, you do it to collapse the system, and once
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that system has collapseed, a new one is put in its place. well, what system could possibly be ready to go? i don't know, but what is better time -- is there a better time to implement the 1960's radical idology from scach than when a president who has said over and over again that he is not a marxist, couples himself with advisors who are self-proclaimed marxists, socialists an communists? i will introduce you to some here tonight. pat gadel is a pollster, democrat, a liberal democrat who has taken a hard look -- good to see you, pat. >> good to see you. glenn: i am so heartened to see a man who is a liberal democrat, been in the party forever, come out and say wait, wait, wait, this isn't making sense on what they're saying. do you believe that it makes sense that they're trying to
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collapse the system? >> no, i don't buy this ideological part, although the conclusion may get there. i think they're flooding the zones, a football metaphor. i prefer that. your viewers probably understand that. so many things and nobody can cover it all. i got to tell you what bothers me, glenn, which is a question that should be asked. i was with the administration, and the new president comes in who had not been experienced in washington, and for six months in, people are still trying to find out where bathrooms were. they have a lot of people still unemployed. where are all these pieces and programs coming in all this kind of detail? where do you get a thousand pages or 1,300 pages one after the other in such a short amount of time? those are yeses that somebody ought to -- those are questions that people ought to ask because the dog is not barking here. glenn: we have asked those questions and i will give you answers on the other half of the break and i think you know what the answers are. i asked those questions in
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february and march. i said this is too massive. it is too big. the media is treating these things as if they're magically appearing, but they're not. >> like the deficit only being $200 billion off from what it was. glenn: people think obama is using the unions, but is it possible that it is the other way around? i mean not just the unions, but the vast organizations that he is not necessarily the grand architect, that somebody else has sketched this out? >> well, i got to tell you, this question hit me today, and it is off the subject of money, but when the attorney general, eric holder, who i have not been publicly fond of since he decided that he went in on the bag with china and treasons and trying to buy our election during the clinton administration and gave marc rich a pardon, one of the most e sill men to ever walk the
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face of the earth, and now the black panthers who carry guns into precincts should not be prosecuted but to say that he is going to have a special prosecutor today and i'm going with it. who's running the show here? for the first time here, i have asked myself, is barack obama really in control? either he is disingenuous, which i wish not to believe about the president of the united states, or maybe the question is really who is in control here? glenn: explain with what makes you say that again? >> he has said his policy is -- the attorney general is appointed by him. let's understand this thing over here you did is not one party. glenn: oh, i know. >> this is everybody doing this. glenn: i think it is on wednesday we are doing some things on some of the framework that has been put in. it was put in by the bush administration. >> washington is corrupt.
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washington has made itself the enemy of the american people is what's happening, but let me illustrate your point, which is what i said that the president said we would move on. the country said move on on the interrogation policy. eric holder announces he is going to have a special prosecutor today. he is under pressure from the aclu, from, from many of the most liberal groups in my party, or i consider extreme groups in my party. glenn: sure. would you agree with me that there is a new democratic party? >> there is a -- i am of the democrats of the common man, that's where i come from. this is a different democratic party, and hopefully we will take time to talk about it. glenn: would you say it is a revoluntionary? >> i would say it is revoluntionary and elitist. it is elitist and it believes that it knows best, and it is so interconnected, and money money -- you've got people like george soros in the middle of it, an rahm emanuel.
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glenn: pat, hang on for a second, because i want to ask you this question. america, you give me another 15 minutes, will you, and what i just asked pat -- would you say this new party is revoluntionary? you answer that question yourself. i'm going to introduce you to the new green jobs czar. his name is van jones. how does he fit into all of this? the question that know one else will ask. so, you and i must. next. next if you had a
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glenn: we're doing a series of specials all this week. i ask you to tivo the show all this week and share it with a friend, please. the $787 billion stimulus package includes more than $100 billion for green initiatives. you just met our green jobs czar. now, how much of a role did van jones or the apollo alliance and their left-leaning allies have in crafting the stimulus package? phil kerpin is here, drek director of americans for prosperity and pat cadell is still with us. still a democratic pollster, pat? >> yes. glenn: phil, help me out on this, the reason why i'm bringing in the apollo alliance today is because i feel strongly that america cannot allow any more legislation to pass because this isn't the normal game that that we're used to. these are people, not our representatives, writing all of this legislation, and a great example is the stimulus
2:44 am
package. tell me about the green jobs initiative that passed under bush, but was not funded. >> well, we have seen an enormous increase in gene spending in recent years. this is one of these things that is politically connect but behind the scenes the push has come from the kind of radical left-wing groups that you have talked about, people like the apollo alliance that are designed to bring together organized labor with the street social justicage tairtsers with the traditional environmentalists who have been behind the whole push for green jobs. i think there is a telling quote from harry reid about the stimulus bill. i want to get this exactly right. he said "the apollo alliance has been an important factor in helping us develop and execute a strategy that makes great progress on these goals and in moving the public to support them." i think that second part is really critical, that they brought together all the major elements of the leftist coalition and used it to bring public opinion to them. historically the unions have been very much against environmental regulation.
2:45 am
the inside her with apollo and van jones is that if you take the money from the treasury to subsidize the green jobs and make them union jobs, give money to the social justice street organizers and so on, you can get every one of these leftist constituencies on the same side with taxpayers on the other side, and they can loot the u.s. treasury in order to support all of their friends. glenn: pat, you said to me during the break it is all about the money. >> it is about the money, folks. it is all about the money. it is all very simple. the unions, there was a question asked about why the unions, who used to be not for green jobs and not for the environment, because they were afraid of losing industrial jobs, are they for it? well, first of all, they will get more jobs and because they have a deal. the stimulus deal was -- and the head of the l.a. county development said about the stimulus, oh, wait a minute. because we're putting in the union rules, these special rules that say you have to pay prevailing wage, which is 50% higher than what the market wage is on construction jobs,
2:46 am
that means that you get half the construction projects that you have, got that, folks? then you have acorn -- you can't leave out the other part of this, the acorn funding. glenn: and business. >> oh, let me tell you. look at cap and trade. look, this is about looting the people who are looting the country, and they are not necessarily democrats. these are people looting the country and they are doing it because of their own causes or their own interests, and the people want to hold all the power. people will do anything to hold on to power. glenn: when i come back, i want to tell you about two things -- where did the cash for clunkers idea come from? originally, somebody wrote about it. they gave it a different name. also, remember a few months ago we talked about the smart grid. well, there was no he debate on the smart grid. did you know that it's been funded? we'll give you that information, next tw÷gzgójikptw÷p
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glenn: we're back now with phil kerpin and pat caddell and we're talking about the czars and stimulus package. i need you to extrapolate this and say this is what is happening with the stimulus package, and i don't care what they say is in the healthcare bill or what they say is in the lollipops for kitty cats bill. nothing should pass until we get real answers here. let me get to the smart grid. phil, we talked about this months ago and i said this is a pretty big deal. it has been funded now, has it not? >> yeah. there was $11 billion in the stimulus bill, actually $10.9
2:51 am
billion to to be upgrading transmission lines. the apollo group proposed $11. it was exact to their request. glenn: the apollo alliance also wanted $100 million for job training for the new smart grid. they got that, so they did get their $11 billion or -- yeah, $11 billion. >> you're right, different sections of the bill but they did get the amount they wanted n a lot of areas they got more than they asked for. it was pretty incredible. >> yeah, i noticed. america, you should ask yourself this -- what happened to debate on these things? pat, van jones, the guy we just introduced america to a few minutes ago, and he is just one of the many czars and we're going to be covering many of them this week. he wrote a book a few years ago, and he came up with an idea called hoopdies for
2:52 am
hybrids. cash for clunkers. it's his idea. this guy may be a genius, but he is obviously with a radical past. the white house, when we asked them, did you know about his radical past? didn't address the question, which they do all the time. would you, as a democrat, would you ever put a guy like this in advising the president of the united states, an avowed communist? >> no. i'm stunned. i don't even know how he got through an f.b.i. investigation. someone told me they called the f.b.i. off investigating him, which i don't understand. glenn: does the white house still have -- do they have the vetting power now? they were trying to circumvent the f.b.i. did they actually get that through? >> several people now are being vetted. but not about by the f.b.i. >> this isn't being talked about. i had read something about a journalist i once respected
2:53 am
and he wrote about him and never mentioned that he was a former communist and never was in prison. i know bill clinton and jimmy carter would not have appointed him, if that helps you on that matter, but this money stuff, don't you understand? it's all payoff going on. people want power, and people want money and the country is going -- people believe it is going over the edge. glenn: america, let me raise this flag for you. our wives, our children, our god, our religion, our land, our freedom, that's what i care about. i don't care about power. i don't care about money. i want my freedom. i want my children's freedom. questions, all this week this program is just about asking question. am i a hate monger for asking questions? next.
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glenn: america, these are the questions from today's show. unfunded liabilities, $1 trillion, is there any way to pay for these without bachg rupting america? if so, why would we spend more
2:57 am
borrowed money on health and cap and trade programs and still funnel billions to acorn. how does giving billions to acorn stimulate the economy? please answer that question for me? if it was so important for congress to pass the stimulus bill before they even had time to read it, why has only a fraction of the stimulus money been spent six months later, and, in fact, when barack obama was called out on it, he said to his cabinet members, you have to speed this up, and what did they do? they slowed down. bush said he had to abandon the free market principles in order to save them. can someone still explain to me how that works? why won't a member of congress read the bills before they vote on them? why are citizens mocked and laughed at when they ask their congressmen to read the bills? was cash for clunkers program meant to save the earth or save the economy? did it accomplish either? how did van jones, a self-proclaimed communist, become a special advisor to
2:58 am
the president, an ear, from the president? did president obama know of van jones' political beliefs when he named him a special advisor, the apollo alliance whiting the stimulus bill, why is this group writing any portion of the bill? if politicians aren't writing the bills and reading the bills do, they have any idea what these bills impose on the american people? it is a public option, the healthcare plan, if it is so good, why won't the politicians agree to have that as their plan first? if town hall meetings are intended for politicians to learn what is on our mind, why do they spend so much time talking instead of listening? politicians are refusing to attend town hall meetings complaining without evidence that they're scripted. does that mean he we shouldn't come out and every time you have a campaign stop, that you're kissing babies and give a speech that's scripted? why would you want to overwhelm the system? is using the economic crisis to rush legislation through congress with rahm emanuel meant when he talked about not
2:59 am
letting a crisis go to waste? are the czars being paid? what is the budget for their staff is? for their services, their office? by not keeping quiet, and just blindly following, by asking as thomas jefferson put it, bold questions, you can change the course this country is taking. this administration and its allies on the left will do everything they can to make these questions about anything else, about me, about you, about the groups that you might be involved with. the questions are about them. all we want are answers. your life, your country, your future, your family's future are at stake. when i change my life, i'm a recovering alcoholic. when i sobered up, one of the reasons why i could sober up is because of that line from thomas jefferson -- question with boldness. i have added a couple


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